christmas decoration for the minimalists, decor # 3

I keep looking in the internet for different Christmas decoration to share with you. Yesterday I found a very cool one and easy to do too.  I wrote to the author of the post and she gave me the green light to publish it . Cool, huh?  This is called link with love, which means give credit to whoever was the original creator.


This year instead of a Christmas tree, how about making a super big giant advent calendar ?

Here, in southern Brazil the germans descendants keep this tradition of giving a treat for the kids each day of December until Christmas . My friend Berenice continued giving goodies to their children even when they already grown. They are simple things, such as a special chocolate , that cover for a cell phone you buy from a street vendor , etc.

The author of this cool advent calendar is Bianca, a German woman who has a lovely blog, the Biancas Wohnlust, which is full of ideas to inspire us. She takes great pictures that give us the desire to run away from the computer, and go make our home more beautiful as well.  It is a pity that the Google translator does not allow me to understand well what she writes, because it seems she has a very clever and entertaining writing style.



As you can see there is not much to explain: just grab a wooden ladder, tie the 24 bags filled with treats on the steps, and you’re ready. The secret of making it nice is to decorate the bags as you want, and in accordance with the Christmas theme you chose. Bianca chose to number them in black in white minimalist labels, which in contrast to the paper bags is very interesting. The Christmas lights animate the arrangement, et voilà , minimalist décor for Christmas !


Now, the “ace in the hole”: don’t just mount the ladder, hang the goodies … you have to STYLE the area of your home that you will put the ladder to give the arrangement personality.


Bianca styled her advent calendar corner with a star made of sticks, a wooden star on the floor, and she dressed a chair with a sheepskin and a nice pillow.

Did you like it? I loved it!  Our family Christmas tree is usually at my mom’s place.  I rather do something different at home.  This year I am doing the #2: the led lights with tulle. I have bought the material. My friend Cris and I will try to do it this afternoon.




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